parallel session

Regular Meeting



08:30-09:00 Registration


09:00-10:30 Interventional Radiology



 Tom De Beule (AZ St-Lucas, Gent)

 Fabrice Deprez (CHU Dinant Godinne)


-Hicham Kobeiter (Créteil/Paris, France)

"State of the Art of Imaging Guidance in IR"


-Otto Van Delden  (AMC Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

"Interventional radiologists in 2018: Training, Abilities and Critical Place in the Department of Radiology"


-Mark C. Burgmans ( UMC Leiden, the Netherlands)

"Misknown IR indications and techniques"


10:30-11:00 Coffee BREAK


11:00-12:30 Head and Neck radiology



Yannick de Brucker (AZ VUB, Brussels)

Jacques  Widelec (HIS-IZZ, Brussels)


 -Anja Bernaerts (St-Augustinus, GZA Ziekenhuizen, Antwerpen)

"MRI in Ménière's Disease"


-Kunwar Bhatia (Imperial College, London)

"Imaging of Salivary Masses"


-Robert Hermans (UZ KUL, Leuven)

"Imaging of Perineural Tumor Spread"



parallel session

YRS Meeting


09:00-10:30 Head & Neck radiology: "From Head to Shoulder"


Barbara Geeroms (UZ KUL, Leuven)

Anne-Sophie Vanhoenacker (UZ KUL, Leuven)


-Marc Lemmerling (AZ St-Lucas, Gent)

"Temporal Bone CT"


-Kunwar Bathia (Imperial College, London, UK) 

"Thyroid Ultrasound"


-Yannick De Brucker(AZ VUB, Brussels)

"Emergency Imaging in Head & Neck Pathology"


10:30-11:00 Coffee Break


11:00-12:30 Interventional radiology: "lets's get interventional"



Astrid Van Hoyweghen (UZA, Antwerpen)

Pierre-Antoine Poncelet (UCL, Brussels)


-Romaric Loffroy (Dijon, France)

"Tips & Tricks: Biopsies and Drainages"


-Otto Van Delden (AMC Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

"When do I call the Interventional Radiologist? Role of IR in the Management of Hemorrhage"


-Marco Midulla (Dijon, France)

"Future of IR: emerging Techniques"




-Message from the President (Geert Villeirs)


-Actual and future employment for radiologists in Belgium: Results and perspectives of a survey (Barbara geeroms & Matthias Lavens)

Plenary session







Afternoon Session


Artificial Intelligence


Matthieu Deltomme ()

Cédric Bohyn (UZ KUL, Leuven)


-Erik Ransschaert (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

"Artificial Intelligence in Radiology: Hype or Hope ?


-Christophe Lemmens, Nils Broeckx

Advocatenkantoor Dewallens & Partners, BE

"Artificial or Human Intelligence, who's to blame ?"


-Bram Van Ginneken (UZ Radboud, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

"Real-Life Artificial Intelligence Applications"



Ultra-Sound party.

Social event for Young Radiologists:

Social event with drinks, food & music organized by the Young Radiologist Section,  directly following the conference at the same location. Included in the price but only limited places!


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